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Tecno Tecno Camon CX...
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Tecno Tecno Camon CX...
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Grout Aide Grout Paint And Tile Marker Pen

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  • Delivers to: Lagos Mainland by 05 Jun, 2020
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Product Descriptions

Ideal for:
Grout Aide Marker is the safe, easy way to refresh or change the color of grout by covering up stubborn grout stains. Grout Aid dries rapidly, and leaves a clean, uniform grout line without harsh chemicals-completely odorless-no fumes!
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The safe, easy way to maintain beautiful tile areas by covering up stubborn stained grout!
Dries quickly and leaves a clean uniform grout line without harsh chemicals
Easy to use, just follow grout lines with marker
Completely odorless and without fumes
Non-toxic and water resistant formula
Surfaces safe for pets and children
Covers approx. 175 linear feet of average grout lines

Package Includes:
1 x Grout-Aide - Grout and Tile Marker 
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