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Tecno Tecno Camon CX...
by Abolarin Stephen

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  • Product Location: Uvwie
  • Delivers to: Lagos Mainland by 17 Aug, 2020
  • Color: White
  • Size(s): 15 LITRES
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Shipping & Returns: No Return After Acceptance From Delivery Company
  • Pay on delivery: No

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Product Descriptions

copolymer binder based, water-based, first-class, satin
interior topcoat paint.

Features: Natural
satin with a satin and silk-mat appearance has a high covering ability. In
addition to being cleanable, its colors retain its vitality for many years. Due
to its water-based structure, it does not harm human health or the environment.

surfaces: Can be applied to all pre-painted interior surfaces such as
concrete, plaster, black plaster, betopan, glass textured and paintable
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